The Cats in my Life

updated Oct. 22, 2017

This is the top page consisting of links to pictures and stories about the cats in my life. Some of these are neighbor's cats.  Eventually, there will be stories posted for all the cats.

Cat Pictures
These are various pictures of the cats that live in my house. More pictures will come as this page is expanded.
Sambo was a white and tan cat that I had as a child between 1960 and about 1967.
Tiger (1)
Tiger was a tabby who lived next door to me between the years of about 1969 and 1974 where I lived in Bessemer but spent most of his time with me. I do not have a picture of him but he closely resembled Teensy except smaller.
White cat
(I never knew its name) lived across the street from me. He would come over and watch me work in the yard. What was unusual was that he would let me pet him. The cat was very skittish of people and even his owner could rarely touch him.
Arthur was a white and black cat that lived across the street from me. Arthur would also come over to watch me work although I could never pet him.  He was the first cat I knew in the neighborhood.
Spooky was a black cat that an associate of mine found as a tiny kitten in his carport one morning in Summer, 1987. All during his life, he was top cat. Spooky was the first cat in my house. He died of cancer on June 9, 2000 just a week or so before what would have been his thirteenth birthday.
Fluffy (1)
Fluffy was a bushy tabby cat adopted by my former next door neighbors. He used to come over to my house and get on the patio window and watch Spooky go crazy and have a fit. Spooky hated that cat.
Susie was a black cat born about 1988 that lives across the street from my parents house. This cat was incredibly intelligent. There was strong evidence that she understood human speech. Susie did what she was asked to do - even when asked over a telephone.
Frisky is a white cat that my vet gave me in the summer of 1990 to be a friend to Spooky.
Itsy was a tortoiseshell cat that I bought in a pet shop in 1992 to be a friend to Frisky. See also Itsy Pictures.  Here is the only recording I have of Itsy made on Oct. 29, 1994 when I was trying to record her meowing but I had to hold her and she did not like being held and so was complaining. itsy.mp3
Teensy is a tabby who had the same mother as Orbit and Stubby but was born later - around the end of April, 1995. He is the cat who almost wasn't because he was in terrible shape when he was found on Memorial Day as a tiny kitten abandoned to die by his mother. He was known as the miracle kitten at the vet. He really was not supposed to live but he did and is now a big, healthy cat.
Fluffy (2)
Fluffy was a Manx cat that I found outside my house as a five week old kitten one morning in Fall, 1996. He was the successor to Spooky as top cat. Fluffy had a special place on my desk where he watches me work. Fluffy died from complications due to surgery for kidney stones on Jan. 31, 2002.
Bitsy is a tortoiseshell cat I got on Nov. 21, 1998 to pick up where Itsy left off. She has many of the attributes of Itsy and keeps things lively in the house just as Itsy did.
Kitty was a friendly solid black cat and belongs to a neighbor of mine. He used to come over to visit often because I fed him and he apparently liked my cat food better than his owner's.
Scaredy Cat
Scaredy Cat was an adorable gray elderly cat that came to live with me the last year of his life.
Slinky is a black cat with a bushy tail that came to live with me with his close friend and litter mate, Squeaky, on December 8, 2001. I gave him this name because he slinks around the house.
Squeaky is a white and black cat that came to live with me along with his close friend and litter mate, Slinky, on December 8, 2001. I gave him this name because he squeaks instead of meowing. He is competing to be the cutest cat of all. These two cats had been owned by an elderly lady who had to go to a nursing home. I agreed to give the cats a good home.  Squeaky says, "I may not be very smart but I make up for it by being extra cute.  I am the world's cutest kitty cat."
PC which stands for Perfect Cat was an elderly cat who came to spend the last twenty-eight months of his life with my cats and me.
Tiger (2)
Tiger was a tabby found by my wife as a six week old kitten in downtown Birmingham in May, 2007.  Tiger says, "I may look like a cute kitty cat but I am really a furocious tiger."
Unknown Cat
This is a short story of a stray cat that showed up at my house and unexpectedly died.

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