A Description of the Statistical Orchestra

I programmed on my Korg 01W/Pro Synthesizer

March 27, 2007

This is the statistical orchestra I use so that I can hear my symphonic compositions. I barely have time to just enter the music into the computer much less to do a complete orchestration. My short cut method is to program the Korg to be a statistical orchestra including the ambiance of a concert hall and then work on a single track in Cakewalk. Real musicians will cringe at this but the only alternative for me is to get much less done and I am already way behind where I should be. The statistical orchestration often does an acceptable job and it provides me the opportunity to hear my music as intended. A number of instrument combinations are not possible and I tailor my compositions to fit the limitations. Someday I hope to have the time to do complete orchestration.

The P0, P1, P2, P3, and P8 pages below are this individual programming pages on the Korg. I show all the text that appears on the screen but the columns do not line up here as I have not yet done the html coding for that. But the information is complete and someone should be able to exactly replicate my settings on another Korg. This custom program is contained in my Korg in A24: Orchestra


Brass2 OrchTrpts Timpani Bass&Cello Analog Pad Clarinet Flute Flute


01G 01G 01G 01G 01G 01G 01G 01G

B62 A12 B39 A47 A27 A73 A83 A83

V040 V040 V040 V040 V040 V040 V040 V040
Note: the low volume settings are so that clipping does not occur on the loudest passages.


T+00 T+00 T+00 T+12 T+00 T+00 T+00 T-12

D+00 D+00 D+00 D+00 D+03 D+00 D+00 D+00

6:4 5:5 9:1 3:7 7:3 3:7 4:6 5:5


127 127 127 127 127 89 89 127

090 090 127 001 001 001 001 001

G#4 E6 C4 E3 G9 C6 B6 G9

C2 A4 C2 C-1 C3 F2 D4 F6


P1:x P2:x P3:x P4:x P5:x P6:o P7:o P8:o

C1:o C2:o C3:o C4:o C5:o C6:o C7:o C8:o

D1:o D2:o D3:o D4:o D5:o D6:o D7:o D8:o

A1:x A2:x A3:o A4:x A5:x A6:o A7:o A8:o


FX1 22:Xover Chorus:ON Mod:NONE I+00

L040 R075 >S12 D50 T+00 L+10 H+08 50:50

FX2 01:Hall :ON Mod:SLIDER I+05

3.2 D060 E62 HD30 L-04 H+00 >75:25

[ SERIAL] Out3 = L Out 4 = R