EE351 course files to print
Nov. 12, 2015
Kenneth A. Kuhn

Title Page for Notes
EE351 Course Syllabus
EE351 Equation sheet
Introduction to Decibels
Introduction to Amplifiers
Operation of Semiconductor Devices, a simplified explanation
Diode Characteristics
Diode Data Curves
Diode Dynamic Resistance
Diode Types
Diode Specifications
Diode Applications
Introduction to Power Supplies
Power Supplies: Filter Capacitor
Diode Homework Problems
Introduction to Transistors
Bipolar Junction Transistor Basics
BJT Bias Analysis
BJT AC Analysis
BJT Bias Design
Choosing RC for Common-Emitter and Common-Base Amplifiers
Designing the AC Gain of a Common-Emitter Amplifier
Common-Collector Amplifier Design
BJT General Design
Transistor Bias Design and Analysis and Amplifier Analysis
BJT Amplifier Design
BJT Transistor Bias Design for Stability
JFET Basics
Measuring IDSS and VP of a JFET
JFET Bias Analysis
JFET AC Analysis
JFET Bias Design
JFET AC Design
Selected Data for JFETs
JFET Homework Problems
Multistage Amplifiers
Multistage Analysis Example
Multistage Amplifier Homework Problems
Amplifier Frequency Response
Square Wave Testing
Frequency Response Homework

Lab 1: Diode Circuits
Lab 2: Transistor Circuits
Lab 3: Transistor Amplifiers
Lab 4: Field Effect Transistors
Lab 5: Multistage Amplifiers
Lab 6: Frequency Response
Monte Carlo Experiment

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