Lab Equipment
revised Jan. 31, 2005

The electronics lab has new equipment made by Agilent Technologies (previously known as Hewlett Packard).  The good news is that this equipment is very powerful and enables the user to do make many measurements that were difficult or impossible with the old equipment.  The bad news is that with this power comes complexity.  Although all of the equipment is fundamentally simple to use, the challenge is learning how to navigate the multilevel menus to find the function that must be set a certain way for the equipment to make the desired measurement.  You can access the manuals for this equipment online by first going to Agilent Technologies.  Then Click on Test and Measurement Equipment and enter the model number of any piece of equipment you need information on.  For reference the model numbers of the equipment in the lab are:

E3630A,  the power supply
34401A,  the digital multimeter
33220A,  the function generator
54622A,  the oscilloscope

The complete manuals are very long.  All you really need is the basic information which can be printed as individual pages.  You can also view the catalog pages for these instruments to get a good overview of the specifications and capabilities.

Interesting application notes and articles can be found from the home page by:

Click on Test and Measurement Equipment

Then scroll down to Key Library Information

Then click on Application Notes & Technical Papers