revised May 1, 2010

The following pages contain a variety of material that I have written along with some material by other people -- mostly unknown.  The central theme of all the writings is to get the reader to think. I will be adding more categories and writings as time permits.

Commentaries Included here are: A brief Sermon on Education, The Quality of Students Today, Are Conservatives and Liberals Mixed-up?, Election of 2000, and Collapsing the Conspiracy Myths about the World Trade Center Collapse

Articles  Included here are: Dealing with Debt Collectors seeking the Wrong Person

Stories  These are a collection of very short and often funny stories that were either told to me or I experienced first hand.

Words of Wisdom   Included here are many hundreds of phases of wisdom -- I plan to reorganize the list someday as it has become huge.  I have over one hundred additions to post when I have time.

Writings on Investing and Economics This is a growing list of writings concerning economics and investing.  Included are: The Difference Between Gambling and Investing and The Trillion Dollar Scandal.

Taxes  Included here are: "Unfair" Taxation in Alabama -- or how to use omissive accounting to paint a distorted picture concerning regressive taxation.

Writings Against Socialism  Included here are: A Lesson in Socialism, An Education in Tax Cuts, How I Teach SocialismSocialism Applied to Sports, The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Compassionate Squirrels, and The Modern Little Red Hen

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