Wisdom and Observations
updated May 7, 2006 rev. May 21, 2011

These are various bits of wisdom and observations that I have collected over the years. I have grouped them into several general headings but most could fit in any heading. There is some repetition in that the same theme is expressed differently or I heard it differently from different sources or due to inadvertent duplication since the list is huge. These statements come from a wide variety of sources ranging from friends, co-workers, newspapers, magazines, etc. but unfortunately, I do not know the source for most of them. I believe a few of the statements are my own.

This list has become very long -- too long for a single file. I eventually plan to break these up into separate pages with related thoughts grouped together. I have between one and two hundred more to add when I have time.

Here are new ones and some are fragments for later. I do not have time to organize then now so they are in no particular order.

On Knowledge

On Philosophy of Living

On Everyday Life

On Politics

On Government

On Business

On Management

On Being Managed

On Religion