Email Contact Information
revised May 9, 2020

The following email address is a picture to make it difficult for Internet bots seeking email addresses to spam. 

Note: Be sure to include the 'a' as in kennethakuhn -- it is different from the web site address.  Otherwise, someone else will receive the email as the email address without the 'a' was already taken.

This is an ad free site.  I do not post ads period. Please do not email requesting that an ad be placed in exchange for some fee.  I do quite well without miniscule fee income.

The gmail spam filter is excellent at sorting real from trash email but sometimes it is in error and a legit email goes to spam. So it is important that the subject line be obvious to me -- this has happened a couple of times and a good subject line enabled me to rescue the email from spam.  I browse the spam folder daily for real emails prior to dumping it.  The following are some examples to help.

For Hewlett-Packard subjects, include Hewlett-Packard or a model number of interest such as HP428A.
For music subjects, include the title of the piece of interest or the name of the composer, etc.
The key is to make sure the subject is obvious so I can easily separate it from the junk.

Subjects such as: question, inquiry, offer, etc. without any obvious topic look too much like spam even if they are in the main folder and would typically be deleted without opening.  Always make the subject clear.  Emails with no subject are often spam and are usually deleted without reading -- however, gmail previews the first few dozen characters of text so if you have something obvious there then I will see it.  If you have emailed me before then I will probably recognize your name in the From column. 

Feel free to include attachments such as pictures, etc. -- the gmail account has plenty of space.

I always respond to email unless there is just no reason to.  So if you do not hear from me then try again as sometimes there is a lot going on and I get behind.  Some weird emails fall into the category of being non-credible or luring -- trying to play me for a fool to respond in some way, not necessarily via email -- obviously those are ignored. Sometimes during peak periods when there is a lot going on I can forget about a response -- particularly if I had to research something first.  I receive a lot of inquires from around the world from people who need information.  I am always glad to comply but sometimes there is a cluster of requests that take a while to process.  So please understand.  However, I am never offended by a second request or reminder.