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updated Nov. 6, 1998

The following are some pictures of Itsy.

Itsy at 8 weeks. This was taken the night I got her and this is the hall bathroom where she stayed until she could run with the big cats.

Itsy loved to play with computer paper. This is the hall bedroom which was used as the cat's room.

Itsy loved to carry her catnip carrot all over the house while meowing constantly.

Itsy's spot on the kitchen counter to eat her favorite canned food. Frisky is eating with her.

Itsy and Spooky. They were friends.

Itsy is playing with her favorite toy.

Itsy figured out how to get into the cat food canister any time she wanted.

Itsy's favorite perch in the living room.

Itsy's favorite perch in the den. You can see the rock garden and bird bath in the background.

The last picture of Itsy taken about two months before she died. This was about the only time she cooperated while I was taking her picture.

Another picture of Itsy at 8 weeks.

Itsy's grave in the back yard.

Looking from her grave over the rock garden towards the back window where her favorite perch was.

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