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updated Dec. 15, 2016

These are pictures of my three original cats, my wife's two cats, and the cats we have since adopted. All but one of the cats were adopted as stray kittens.

This is Spooky and Frisky. Spooky is the oldest and the boss. Spooky was the first cat and as a 5 week old kitten was found in the carport of an associate of mine. Frisky was a kitten found in some alley in Birmingham and brought to my veterinarian from whom I adopted him to be a friend to Spooky. Frisky is now over 13 years old.

Spooky, Frisky, and Itsy. Itsy was the first cat to come from a pet shop. I got her at 8 weeks to be a friend for Frisky. She died unexpectedly when she was about 5 ½ years old. These are the three original cats.

Teensy, 4 weeks old and in very bad shape - he only weighed 9 ounces. He was left to die by his mother. He could hardly sit up and he could not move his back legs. He also seemed to be blind. He was very anemic. It took a lot of effort but he lived and is now 100%. See him grown up a few pictures down. This picture was taken the evening that he was found and I doubted that he would live through the night.

Another picture of Teensy at 4 weeks

Teensy at about 8 to 10 weeks -- doing much better, with Frisky

Fluffy the Manx cat at about 6 weeks with Frisky. One morning I was awakened at about 5:30 by a squeaking sound outside my house. When I got up I went outside to check and found Fluffy whose mother had disappeared. Fluffy is now over two years old.

Fluffy the Manx cat the day I found him outside the house.

Fluffy in the bedroom.

Fluffy eating with Spooky. Spooky was the boss cat and did not like this but put up with it.

Fluffy sleeping with his favorite lion puppet.

Fluffy playing with one of his toys.

Fluffy grown up.

Fluffy laying on his back being cute.

Fluffy eating his favorite seafood breakfast one Saturday morning at his favorite spot.

Fluffy sleeping with his lion puppet on my desk and keeping an eye on me.

Fluffy loved to bother Frisky.

Fluffy sitting in his master's chair.

Fluffy sitting in the den.

Spooky, Fluffy -- about 3 months, Frisky, and Teensy - at about 18 months and doing great. Teensy grew up to be a completely normal cat - he is now about three and a half years old.

Fluffy helping me at the computer

The house where all the cats live

I acquired Bitsy several months after Isty died as she reminded me so much of her in appearance and in here actions. She was adopted from the Humane Society via the pet shop where I buy supplies. She picks up where Itsy left off. She is sitting in what was Itsy's favorite perch.

This is Squeaky and Slinky who are brothers and came to live with me in December, 2001. Squeaky is not very smart but he makes up for it by being extra cute. Slinky is very smart and so gets into a lot of trouble. He thinks he is number 1 cat in the house and most of the time Teensy who is the real number 1 cat tolerates this.

Scaredy Cat sitting in his favorite chair. Scaredy Cat was an old cat that needed a new home and came to live with me for the last year of his life.

Scaredy eating his favorite breakfast one Saturday morning.

Scaredy sleeping on the living room sofa - one of his favorite spots.

Scaredy sunning himself.

Scaredy sitting by my pillow.

Scaredy peeking out of the bushes in front of the house.

Frisky and me in my electronics shop.

Slinky and me in my office.

My name is Bitsy.  I am a putty-tat rougher-upper.  I rough-up putty-tats.  Anytime I get mad I rough up the first putty-tat I see. All the other putty-tats in the house think I am a nut.

My name is Slinky.  I am the number one pussy cat in the house. 

My name is Squeaky.  I am the brother of Slinky.  I am not very smart but I make up for it by being extra cute.

My name is P.C. which stands for Perfect Cat.  I am about 15 years old and moved in with the other cats because a new member of the family I came from was very allergic to cats.  I am a very loving cat.

Here is another picture of P.C. headed to his favorite perch on top of the refrigerator.

Here is a link to a set of pictures of Itsy. Pictures of Itsy

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