Various Scans of HP Manuals, etc.
updated July 9, 2016

HP Journal links

If you are trying to find an old HP Journal article, first go to my friend's site below and download the indexes in pdf.  These have articles grouped by subject, author, and model number.  Obtain the year and month of the article of interest and then go to the HP Labs link below to download the issue in pdf.  This is a link to my friend's site where there are indexs of HP Journals from 1949 to 1977.   This is a link to the complete set of HP Journals in .pdf format from 1949 to 1998. These are must reading.  This is a link to pdf scans of Measure Magazine.

Bill Hewlett's famous thesis: A New Type Resistance-Capacity Oscillator

It is difficult to obtain a copy of this thesis.  The usual outlets that sell thesis copies do not have this one.  The only copy is at the Stanford University library.  I was able to obtain a pdf scan of an unsigned version of the thesis via an associate whose name I will keep in confidence.  There is a very interesting story behind this copy that I may post someday.  Because of copyright issues and to keep web bots from archiving it I am reluctant to post a direct link.  However, since this historical document is difficult to obtain, I claim the "fair use" doctrine provided by copyright law for placing a scan on my web site.  You will have to manually append the following to the URL.  On last part of the URL you should see .../hpmuseum/scans/ .  Append hewlett_thesis.pdf to the URL and you will get the file.  Please do not post a direct link to this file but feel free to refer others to this page of my site. 

Here are links to several sites of interest for free manuals and other information:  Join this group to get in contact with a large number of Agilent and HP employees, working or retired, and others who have knowledge about maintaining a wide variety of HP/Agilent equipment.  Join this group to stay in touch with people of similar HP interests  Here is a huge collection of HP Journal, HP Bench Briefs, manuals, and more  This is the commercial site of the operator of  This site has a large number of spec sheets and manuals for various equipment including HP.  A couple of manuals and application notes  A large list of manuals.  Note: this link is dead the last time I checked.  I am searching for what happened to it and will revise.  If anybody knows where to find this, be sure to let me know.  These pdf files are on the Agilent web site and are for many popular HP equipment from the 1980s and 1990s.  The list keeps growing so check back if you do not find what you need.   Basic information about restoring old electronics  General information about repair of old equipment  Many free manuals of HP and other equipment -- also militarized equipment  This is the government site for military versions of HP equipment.  It is not easy to navigate.  The artekmedia site below has special information on this that may help.  More info about manuals for military HP equipment and others  This is a very good place to look for free manual downloads of a variety of equipment.

The following sites sell scans or photocopies of manuals and originals in some cases:  This company sells high quality scans of manuals on CDROM.  I have purchased some of these and can vouch for the high quality.

Consolidated Surplus, The Library of Manuals  I have purchased manuals from them via their ebay auctions and have been very pleased.

Manuals Plus I have been amazed that they actually had some manuals for some very ancient test equipment. The best way to use them is to go to their web site and submit a list of equipment you want manuals for. Be sure to provide the serial number of the equipment since they may have the exact manual for a particular serial number series. They will respond by the next day with what they have and the price. I have bought a number of manuals from them and I have not had a case where they did not have the manual. Their prices are on the high side but their service is great. I highly recommend them.

W7FG Vintage Manuals This company located in Oklahoma is an excellent source for high quality photocopies of manuals for test equipment and consumer electronics. I have purchased a number of manuals from them and the quality is indistinguishable from an original. If the manuals did not come with comb binding and with their logo cover you would think the manual was an original. You can see a list of their manuals on their web site. They keep the site up to date but call if you do not see what you want as they are always obtaining new manuals. Since they only sell copies, they are never out of stock. If you see it on the web site, they have it.

Ridge Equipment Company  This company sells both equipment and manuals.  I have bought much from them and have been very pleased.

Fair Radio Sales   This is an excellent company and sells a lot of vintage hardware but also has an extensive collection of manuals for militarized equipment.  These are sold as photocopies at a reasonable price.

These files are on my site but everything of interest is also on

A number of people ask me for scans of various HP manuals, etc. so I put them here because most are too big to email.  The scans are generally a subset of the entire document and contain the key information people need such as schematics, maintenance, etc. in order to repair an instrument.  In a few cases the scans are of the entire manual.

It is possible that the scans I post will not be exact for the particular serial number of your instrument.  Even so, the scans should be very helpful -- at least better than nothing.  I have repaired a number of HP instruments with the aid of an inexact manual.

The older scans are in gif, jpg, zip, etc.  Newer scans will be in pdf.  Please note that all of the information is copyright by HP and are posted here under the "fair use" doctrine for individuals and should not be commercially distributed.

Please let me know if you find a dead link.  I probably made a typo and will fix it promptly.  I do not have time to check all of the links individually.

HP Logos -- An interesting and historical one page jpg article and pictures of the evolution of HP logos and dates from 1941 (from final issue of Measure in 1999)

Application Notes:
AN-52 -- Frequency and Time Standards  courtesy of KD4FM.  This is an excellent application note that provides a lot of theory and practice concerning measuring frequency accurately.
AN-52-2, Time Keeping and Frequency Calibration  --courtesy of KD4FM.
AN-144 -- Understanding Microwave Frequency Measurements Courtesy of KD4FM  This is an interesting application note and features the HP5340A counter which works up to 18 GHz.
AN-183 -- High Frequency Swept Measurements"  courtesy of KD4FM
Probability of Intercept courtesy of KD4FM.  This is a Watkins-Johnson tech note which shows strong influence from the HP Journal.  The company is just down the street from HP and was a major supplier to HP microwave products.

The following are in numerical order by model number:  See  for large number of free downloads
Note: the manuals labled "mil_cal" for military calibration manual were all provided by KD4FM who downloaded them from a government site and renamed the files to match HP model numbers instead of the military numbers.

Agilent Stethos Electronic Stethoscope -- English part of operation manual courtesy of KD4FM 
HP27S Calculator Manual -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
105a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
141t_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
180acd_1801a_1821a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP200C Schematic -- pdf schematic
HP200CD_sn_prefix_605 -- pdf manual courtesy of HernĂ¢ni Capela
HP201C Manual -- complete pdf manual except for BOM and non-relevant information
HP202C Manual  -- complete pdf manual
HP204B Manual -- complete pdf manual except for a few unneeded pages.  pdf produced by Glenn Robb.
204bc_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
204c_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
205_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP209A Service Notes -- selected service notes in zip
HP211B Service Notes -- selected service notes in zip
236a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP241A Service Notes  -- complete pdf of section 5 which is maintenance and schematic diagram
302_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
331to334_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP331A Meter Face (Raw) and HP331A Meter Face Processed  Digital camera picture of the meter face.  Raw is original.  Processed is set to print to actual picture width of 4.642 inches -- it needs some more work and I do not have the tools.  Here is a cleaned-up version courtesy of K6YAZ: HP_331_Meter_Face .
HP340B Schematic -- theory of operation and schematic diagram in zip
342_349_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
353a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP355C/D Operating Note  -- pdf scan of operating note
HP355C/D/E/F Manual -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP400D/H Manual  -- complete pdf manual courtesy of KD4FM
400e_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
400el_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
400f_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
hp400fl_scale.jpg -- a scan of the meter scale for the hp400fl in 300 dpi.  Note that there is a slight tilt -- the bottom of the image is about 0.1" or ~3 mm away from the scanner glass.  The error may be too small to notice and could be corrected with some image processing software.
HP400F/FL Service Notes -- selected service notes in zip
HP400H Calibration -- pdf calibration procedure for the HP400H, courtesy of KD4FM
HP403A Schematic 1 -- schematic, part 1 in gif
HP403A Schematic 2 -- schematic, part 2 in gif
403b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP405C Service Notes --selected service notes in zip
HP410B Manual  -- complete pdf manual
410c_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
410c_mil_cal_more.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP423A Operating Note  pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP423B/HP8470B Manual   pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP425A Schematic -- selected pages including schematic in zip
427_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
431c_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
432ab_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
435_436_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
437_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
438_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
450a_465a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP456A Manual -- complete manual in zip
HP461A Technical Data -- pdf technical data brochure for HP461A, courtesy of KD4FM
461a_mil_cal.pdf --pdf courtesy of KD4FM
620b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
626a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
651_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
654a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP654A Schematic
HP721A Schematic -- gif schematic
745a_746a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
1607a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
1645a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP3200B Technical Data -- pdf technical data brochure for HP3200B, courtesy of KD4FM
3325_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3335_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3400a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3435a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3435aa_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3440_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3457a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3457aa_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3458a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3465a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3478a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3585a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3585aa_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
3585b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
4204a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
4800_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP 4917A Manual -- pdf courtesy of Tomas Montero -- muchas gracias!
HP5065A Manual Part 1 -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP5065A Manual Part 2 -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP5065A Manual Part 3 -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP5245L Manual  -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM.  Note: this is a large file ~15Mbytes
HP5245L Manual Changes -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM.  These are some changes to the above manual
5261a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP5262A Manual  -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
5300series_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
5326c_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
5328_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
5335a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
5340ato5343a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
5345_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
6205b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP6226B Manual -- complete pdf manual.  Includes info on HP6220B and HP6224B
6255a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP6269B Schematic   pdf schematic
6269b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP6286A Schematic -- pdf schematic
7035b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8349b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8350_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8402b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8405a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8445b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8445bb_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8477a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8502a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8552_8553_8554_8555_8556_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8553b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8556a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8558b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8558bb_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8562a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8562e_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8566b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8614_8616_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8620c_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
HP8640A/B Brochure  pdf courtesy of KD4FM (note: this is a big file ~13 MBytes)
8640b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8642m_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8656a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8673m_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8900b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8900bb_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
8901a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
34401a_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
54121t_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM
85558b_mil_cal.pdf -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM

HP Journal, Nov. 1950 -- HP Journal, Nov. 1950 -- featuring HP410B in zip

HP Catalog 1950 -- selected index pages in zip
HP Catalog 1952 -- selected index pages in zip
HP Catalog 1959 -- selected index pages in zip

Other Manuals -- not HP
Tektronix 465B Operators Manual  -- pdf courtesy of KD4FM

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